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Thursday, 4 November 2010

DBBL ATM Booth in HSTU campus

It's about seven years ago i saw my friend and his uncle used to withdraw money from the ATM booth. But i got the experiences last year when involving with freelancing. According to their information DBBL(Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited) has a large ATM network covering the whole country. Another important concern is that most of the shopping mall supports e-Payment through DBBL card.

Last year a huge amount of student created their bank account on DBBL. We are bound to go to the town for cash withdraw. We are badly in need of a ATM booth for both cases like local transaction and international transaction. Some days ago we were informed that DBBL has not any direct gateway for the international withdraw from . That way it was taking 12$ for conversion charge and others per withdraw. Some of the student opened account on BRAC bank to avoid this sort of problem.

Some days ago i went to DBBL, Dinajpur branch to know the progress of ATM setup in campus. I met with Manager of DBBL, Dinajpur branch. He got amazed why i went him to ask about the matter. "This is the matter related to the university authority, not with you" he replied. I just explained that was my query when it will be launched. Because you promised in the last IT Festival that there will be a ATM booth with in one month.

Last day after my class i was waiting for my friends. Once i saw that Manager of DBBL, Dinajpur branch is coming. Looking at me he just smiled and told me that proposal of setting up a ATM is approved in Regent board meeting. Nice to hear and imagine, having a ATM booth in campus.


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