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Friday, 15 October 2010

Freelancing Practice in our university

I can remind myself one of my friend named Mamun asked me to manage a tuitions (Student teaching job). I refused him because how I can manage where I am searching one. By the way it is a story one year back. But Mamun is now self supported boy, he used to manage his pocket-money by himself.

This is the one story of Mamun, but I can tell you the story of hundreds of story. The amount of self earned boy increasing day by day. Key topic I would like to inform you that this environment came by the way of online Freelancing job.

Wordpress Faruk, Spining Eng Bijon, Article specialist Riyad, Mirco Rasel, Micro Anirban are the common face with their designation in our campus. Minimum 5000$ earned by the students of our campus per month. Hopping it will be increased to double by one year. Around 50 students are earing a minimum 5000/- BDT per month.

Once there was a time the boys used to pass their time by watching movie and Bangla Natok around the whole day. I have seen there are some rooms in Zia hall which is living room, but practically a Cinema hall. But the environment got changed, boys are passing time on Facebook. Not to chat but for their job purpose.

In each room you may see boys are browsing,,,, and like this way. When we are in Nanir Dokan (Tea Stall), might gossip about the payment system or biding on Elance. Nice journey, nice environment.

Our respected teacher Asish Kumar Mondol informed us that this practice is being continuing in SUST since six years ago. Now we are on the same journey.

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