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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Final (CSE 2nd Batch) Year students presentation of HSTU

Today 11 February, was the presentation day of Final year(CSE 2nd Batch) student's projects of our university. This program was arranged in the IRT presentation gallery. Total 13 students are going to complete their B.Sc degree this year. Most of our students have submitted projects on web-site management. One of them designed Online result processing system. Another one did project on Online shopping.

Our department teachers were present there. Our newly appointed Dean sir was chief guest there. External teacher came from Rajsahi University. They admired the students for their extra ordinary performance. He also admired the presentation system in our university. This will increase the power of speaking in front of viewers.

In this type of programs, the students of junior level and other faculty are the main visitors who has the opportunity of asking about the project to project owner. This will make clear the matter to the visitors. Project owner will be marked according to their performance.